Anderson Cooper Looses His Sh*t On Live TV After Trump Get’s Elected [WATCH]

The mainstream media spent months trying to convince the American public that Donald Trump had no chance of winning the presidency. So it was interesting to watch the same reporters who had been pushing for Hillary Clinton announce that he had won the election.


Anderson Cooper, for example, virtually disappeared as Trump inched closer to taking it all. Sources have confirmed he was too upset to appear on air. Though he is one of CNN’s most prominent personalities, he left Wolf Blitzer and Jake Taper to do most of the final coverage.


Blitzer has also come under fire for refusing to accept the fact that Trump had won. Throughout his coverage, one Twitter user described him as trying to “desperately resuscitate the Clinton corpse” as he was calling states for Trump.
CNN was the last network to call the race for Trump, waiting until 2:48 am to make the final call. Blitzer was visibly stunned when fellow host Dana Bash informed him that Clinton had conceded to Trump.


“If Hillary Clinton has conceded, that is dramatic,” Blitzer said. “That is a dramatic development, Dana, and to hear the words president-elect, we haven’t yet projected that—but you’re saying Clinton made a formal call to Donald Trump to concede?”


What do you think? Are these reporters finally eating their words?